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Learn How to Start a ‘VIP Club’ Marketing Biz – in your spare time.

Here’s a super easy side business I’ve helped many people successfully start up, that you can easily run from home.

A ‘VIP Club’ Marketing Business

First thing you need to do is:

Select a local business you’d like to work with. Ideally, a business that people frequent at least once or twice a month. For example:

Bars and restaurants

Coffee shops and Sandwich shops

Hair or Nail salons

Car washes

or maybe Tanning Salons

to name a few, but there are many more – you just need to choose ones you feel comfortable approaching and working with.


You will need to create a simple flyer, or table tent for this business to promote a special offer.

Don’t worry! I’ll show you how, and where, you can easily design one for free and I’ll even give you a simple tried and tested template you can use. My 9 year old could even help you edit this flyer… it’s THAT easy 🙂

Next, simply visit local businesses with the flyer in hand and strike up a conversation.

(Or, if you’re a bit of an introvert, like me, and don’t feel up to this part you can always team up with someone to help you eg a friend or family member, or even hire someone on an ad hoc, commission only basis)

Then, you just ensure the business place the flyer where it will be easily seen e.g. right beside their checkout 🛒

Now every time a customer comes to pay their bill they’re given the option to get an instant discount just for simply texting the keyword on the flyer.

Example: ” Text ‘VIP’ to 123-456-7890 and get Get 10% OFF Your Bill”

Simple! Who wouldn’t want an instant discount off the bill they’re just about to pay?

So the customer texts the phone number and gets an instant reply with their discount code. 🥳 Yay!!

The customer is happy as they’ve just saved some money on their purchase.

The business is happy as they now have that customer on their VIP list.

It’s a WIN-WIN


The business now has an ever-inceasing list of their best customers, and are able to send out promotional messages to entice them back in whenever they want!

How fab is that?

They can text all of their customers about new products, special promotions, sales, upcoming events. Or maybe they’re just having a slow day and need some extra sales.

Here’s an example of what a pizza shop might text to their VIP customer list…

Hi VIPs! We’ve just launched a new range of BBQ pizzas and we want to know what you think. Come on in before Thursday for a free pizza with every BBQ pizza sold. See you soon!”

And so guess what happens the moment they send that text message?

Yep. You guessed it.

The pizza shop gets a flood of their loyal customers coming back in to try out their new BBQ pizza range. This works so well because text messages have over 90% open rate.

(When was the last time you didn’t open a text message?!)

AND returning customers are proven to spend more money than first-time customers.


Eat, Sleep, Rinse and repeat 👌

Once you get your first client on board, it’s time to move on to the next one.

Great things are often born from small beginnings!

You just need one easy-to-implement system that works, then duplicate it over and over again. You may even reach a point where you choose to hire people to do all the repetitive tasks for you, so you can focus on doing the part you like best.

Whether that’s going travelling, or just spending time with your favorite people. Whatever your heart desires! Because that’s what a REAL business helps you achieve.

Live life by your rules… not someone else’s.


As easy as all of this sounds, there’s something you need to know – It gets even better 😮 You see, we don’t do ANY selling or convincing.


Because we offer the business a chance to test the VIP Club completely free for 14 days.

We LOVE to let the business owner see results BEFORE we ever ask them for any money, it’s just so much easier that way.

And once they start seeing results and collecting their customers phone numbers (literally from day one) they don’t ever want to stop.

Look at it from the business’s perspective –

If you had built a list of your best customers that you could text message at any time, would you be willing to give it up?

Not a Chance, right?

That list is worth BIG Bucks! So after the trial finishes you simply charge the business $147 – $197 per month to continue using your service. That’s less than $50 per week for the bar or restaurant. And they make back that investment super quick. Just a couple of simple promotions each month can drive in more than enough extra sales for a business.

And as their customer list continues to grow month after month, each promotion they send makes them even more money. So it becomes even more difficult for them to stop using your service.

And we Love that, as that means clients who are more than happy to pay you month, after month, after month.

If this works so well then why the heck am I posting about it for free?

There’s a couple of reasons:

Firstly –

I’ve been where you are, and I know how difficult it can be to find a genuinely good business opportunity. And as there are literally millions of local businesses out there, telling a few hundred people about this is not going to affect my business. Now it’s my time to give back and help others achieve their dreams of building a business.

Secondly –

If you end up using the same awesome SMS software I use and am about to show you today (and you should) then I get a small fee for referring you.

My Bad 🤫

But that’s actually a GOOD thing for YOU…

You see…

If you use the software and don’t get any results then you stop paying and I get no commissions. So it’s in my best interest for you to succeed at this. If you don’t succeed I don’t get paid.

So I’ve put together a short video for you to explain how the system works. It will show you how easy it is to create the flyer template, plus it explains how to setup the same text messaging software I use. It’s not hard at all, if you can send an email and follow video instructions then you’ll be an expert at this.

There’s no charge to watch this video, and if you do watch it and then decide to use the same software I’m using…


You’ll get an outstanding deal TODAY.

I promise.

So go and watch it now:

Click here to watch the free video


If you want, or need, your situation to improve – only you can make that happen. This can be the day that changes everything for the better!

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” —Jim Rohn

So go and watch my free video here –>

You’ve got nothing to lose, but a lot you can gain.

Here’s to your Best Year Ever!

Your friend,



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